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Headed to Charleston we were surprised to find that this hipster foodie town did not have any legitimately hidden bars (none that we could discover anyway), so let us know if we failed and missed something. Even though there were no “speakeasies” to speak of, there were indeed delectable craft cocktail bars that fit our refined taste. One that particularly stood out was The Gin Joint.
The Street Sign of The Gin Joint
The Entrance of The Gin Joint
Tucked slightly off the main touristy road in old downtown, you’ll walk through a chic little garden to find a sliver of an establishment full of fancy petite bites and classic craft cocktails. The space has a vintage industrial feel to it; not too dark, not too crowded, lots of exposed pipes. We arrived just after they’d opened in the early afternoon and it quickly filled to capacity without feeling overcrowded in the slightest.
The Interior of The Gin Joint Charleston
The Interior of The Gin Joint Charleston
The drinks were carefully crafted, and while served simple, the flavors were elaborate and blended excellently to make creative new concoctions. First we ordered the Mischief Managed (almost more to appease our Harry Potter tendencies) which was an intricate drink made with Early times Bourbon, Burnt Rose, Rainwater Madeira, Saler’s Apertif, Cap Corpse Rouge, Peychaud’s Bitters, and Palo Santo Wood. It was pretty good, not our standard, but we were glad we experimented. One of the things I find most amusing about ordering a craft cocktail is hardly knowing what it will taste like based off of the extensive list of ingredients I rarely can comprehend. We also ordered Priorities Intact, comprised of whiskey, scotch, absinthe, bitters, and more; this drink was very good. Lastly The Gin Joint offers a rarely seen Mocktail menu that features drinks made like a craft cocktail without the alcohol. They all looked delicious but still cost a pretty penny.
One of the Drinks at The Gin Joint
One of the Drinks at The Gin Joint

It is unfortunate that this little bar is just indeed a swell craft cocktail establishment and not a secret place, but it was enjoyable all the same. The Gin Joint is certainly a great spot for locals who have family coming in and need to be in the touristy area but not wanting to stick with the crowd. Pop in for a refresher and lose track of the time next time you visit Charleston.

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The Gin Joint

The Gin Joint

182 E Bay ST #2169, Charleston SC 29401

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